Weatherdek Designer Series is just that, a line of designer colours and patterns that will enhance any area to which they are applied. Not only do these products look great but they are tough and designed for both residential and commercial areas that are subject to high traffic use.


Roof-Grade Membranes are designed to be used in Roof-Deck or other applications where a waterproofing membrane is required to act as a roofing material over a Finished or Habitable space. At the same time these membranes are exposed to pedestrian traffic while being utilized as a deck or patio space. In many cases areas that are conventionally thought of as only a roof, can be utilized as functional outdoor living, or rooftop recreational spaces, with the help of Weatherdek Roof-Grade membranes that combine the best of waterproof-roofing capabilities in a durable traffic bearing application our 60mils products are designed for over living spaces.

Roof Deck